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We've had so many amazing customers come in the store or send us message online about wanting to add a tip to their order 🥰 You are all INCREDIBLE and I appreciate you all thinking about the future of Bathtub Bakery and want to help as much as you can.

I always laugh it off, but with yet another lockdown in effect we've added this donation product on our site going into our non busy season. We understand it is once again more important than ever to support local businesses in our communities and we encourage you to do so however you can. We also understand people want to support local but some may specifically not use the business's products, or they're not sure the best way to support them. 

Purchasing our products is always enough support, but by adding this donation product, it provides the tip option that has been asked for as well as gives the opportunity to put 100% of the sale back into the business. 

Thank you all for the immense continued support. Bathtub Bakery would be no where without our amazing customers and their thoughtfulness. Love you all ❤️