Baker's Buy Back


Why Recycle Glass? The Answer is Clear.


Bring the following container back and get the correlated discount off of your same day purchase. 


Step 1. Clean yo' jar. Remove labels, wicks, etc. 

Step 2. Bring your clean jar back to the store, undamaged, with lid please! :)

Step 3. Shop & Save! #recycle 


Below is a list of containers + price for discount! 

       12oz Glass Candle Jar - $2.00

       8oz Glass Milk Jar - $2.00 

       4oz Glass Face Mask Jar - $1.00

       8oz Glass Face Mask Jar - $2.00

       8oz Glass Whipped Soap Jar - $2.00

       10oz Glass Candle Jar (no lid) - $1.75

       15mL Glass Fragrance Bottle - $1.00

       4oz Plastic Spray Bottle - $1.00

       4oz Glass Oil Dropper Bottle - $1.75

       10mL Topical Roller Bottle - $1.00