Cocoa Butter Bath & Body Melt

Cocoa Butter Bath & Body Melt

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You have two options with this chocolate bar - and neither one is eat it. 

1. Use is as a bath melt, snap a piece or two off and throw in the warm bath. The heat will slowly melt the "chocolate" piece & disperse cocoa butter into your bath. 

2. Damp skin and topically apply like a lotion bar. When you put a small piece of cocoa butter on your skin, your body temperature is slowly, naturally melt it. Rub in a circular motion in areas you'd like to moisturize. 

Please Note: During warmer months you'll need to store in a cool, dry place to prevent the cocoa butter from melting. Cocoa butter melts between 93-101°F/34-38°C. Storing in a fridge at home is recommended during hot days. When purchasing for shipping, we do our best to have the chocolate bar not break in an area, but cannot guarantee it due to the bar being thin. 


Net Wt. 65g