Organic Hempseed Oil

Organic Hempseed Oil

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A great unscented addition to any skincare routine.

Used to nourish the skin and hair due to its high content of proteins and essential fatty acids, this oil is readily absorbed into the skin!

Hemp Seed Oil is known for soothing and alleviating dry skin; moisturizing it so that the complexion looks revitalized and radiant. It can also contribute greatly to protecting the skin’s moisture barrier, improving the texture, and reducing visible signs of aging.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil - that's right! Nothing added. 

Net wt. 4oz | 113g


We understand that everyone's skin is different. In the event of a relevant allergy please contact us directly, or write in the special instructions box at checkout. We can not guarantee any product to be free of an allergen due to our production space, but we will always do our best and take extra precautions when making an order. If there is a concern regarding an allergy, it is the responsibility of the customer/consumer to read all ingredients prior to use to help prevent a reaction or irritation. 

If a reaction occurs, (itchiness, redness, rash) discontinue use of that product and feel free to contact us anytime! Sometimes a customer's skin type is good with one fragrance oil and not another, and our ingredients list will just state 'fragrance' or 'perfume'. We can inform you on what that fragrance oil is called for future use!

All products are made with every skin type in mind, and if you're feeling nervous - the best way to test a product out is to wet the skin, and put the product directly on that area. In most cases, if no irritation occurs, you should be able to use the product with no issues. 

All bath & body products made by Bathtub Bakery are intended for cosmetic, external use only. These are not intended to treat, heal, help or prevent any disease. Do not consume.  

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